A lot of shell casings!

Summer 2006 was a good one! :-). Digging wise so to speak! After walking for quite some hours in a big, BIG forest we got a good, clear signal and so the digging began. Very quickly the first, big and rusty shell saw daylight after 60+ years. And after the first one, the second one came up, and a third and fourth. It looked liked we hit the jackpot! Yeah!!! :-). We can write down what we found, but we think the pictures are better.

On the pictures you see Russian 15cm, German 15cm, German 15cm, German WOI 7.5cm and a 2cm FlaK Mag.

Besides that rusty stuff we also found 2 S-mine boxes. Wooden ones. And 1 was in very good condition. (And still is) On the picture below you also see a MG Laufschutzer and a 10cm shell.

So you would think, they would never find British stuff among all the German stuff….you think wrong :-). Suddenly we came across 5 ammo boxes. All in pretty good condition with a lot of paint and text.

These babies are always missing in a stickgrantebox 🙂 Want one?? (sorry, not in our possesion anymore). And on the left you see another quite unique find, a Gurtfuller for loading MG ammobelts.

In total we found around 125 big shell cases, a couple of 2cm Mags, Bren Mags, a Panzerschreck protectionplate, a bunch of shell protectors and lots more.

Hope you enjoyed our story

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