Flak 3.7cm mount finding

It’s been a while since we heard some news from friends of a potential canon that was hidden in the ground… They took some pictures back when they first found it, to be true it looks certainly like something from ww2…

On an early morning in Oktober it was time to check it out and head over there! After a couple hours searching for the spot(was not looked after for 2 years!) we found it… After some heavy digging more and more metal saw the surface, it became very clear that this was some sort of gun or a part of it.

After removing more sand and going deeper, suddenly it became clear! It was a mounting system for a german anti aircraft gun! We found the remains of the firing pedals and the mount for the gunners seat. Most of the parts seems te be in good condition after 70 years in the ground. All in all its a unique finding of a 3.7cm FLAK mount!





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