the Big Hole…..our part

Allright, everybody, by now, knows the stories (and the pictures) about the Big Hole and the piles of helmets that are found there. And most people think it was discovered in the last 7-10 years, but this was much ealier. In the earlier 90’s some diggers found helmets close to the surface. It’s wasn’t even necessery to dig 4 metres deep. (like we did)

Our first visit was somewhere in the spring of 2006. The first couple of times on the famous fertile ground wasn’t a big succes. We found bits and pieces of leather and rotten gasmaskcans. But on one day that changed and we found items that show that we where on a good spot. Totally unexpected our first good find wasn’t helmet, but a leather holster in pretty good shape.

5th time at the BH we came a bit closer to the stuff we wanted to find. The first pieces of helmet were a fact. And we were not even 2 meters deep. Later on we found out that this was rubble from the previous diggers some years ago but he, who cares. Like they say in Gold Rush, this dirt is PAY dirt! :-). Besides bits and pieces of helmets we also found a lot of diferent magazines like STG44,MP40,MP18,Thompson and Sten mags and many, many, MANY skin decontamination bottles and containers.

Like we said….a lot of bottles :-). And a MG34 triggerhandle, a French gasmask, a horse gascape, the bakelite nostrils for a horse gasmask, a bunch of leather liner pieces and many complete gasmaskcans.

Eventually it took us 6 trips before we found our first helmet. But what a helmet! A complete Luftwaffe M42 Normandy camo helmet with name and a little extra. Under the liner we found a fold up page of a Dutch newspaper in really good condition. That was a nice bonus.

But the camo one was not the only one. More followed….M35, M40, M42 and even an SS helmet.And as you can see, many of the helmets were crushed and out of form. This was because it were helmets from the top layer, that was run over by a bulldozer in 1945. (We never hit the jackpot like others did who visited the BH after us.)

Couple of years later we went back for one final diggingsession and with luck! We found 6 nice helmets. On the pictures below you see one of them.

To sum up what we found at/in the Big Hole.

– More than 250 Gasmaskcanisters, gasmasks and other gasmask stuff
– Over 400 skin decontamination bottles and containers (orange and brown)
– Personal items like a pair of glasses and tubes with creme.
– Equipment items like a compass and a pencil sharpener.
– Diferent types of helmets, M35,M40,M42 and a Hungarian helmet.
– Leather ammo puches, holsters and belts.

This is our story about the Famous Big Hole. We hoped you enjoyed reading it.

Keep an eye on this story. More pictures will follow, in section below:

On one of the trips we found a m40 helmet, it had a super thick pack of dirt sticked to it:


(same helmet as above)

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